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Use ABC  Inventory Management Software and watch your business grow.

ABC E-com offers a fast, efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution to multi-channel e-commerce order fulfilment and inventory management, specifically designed for third-party logistics providers. 3PL companies have to spend countless hours inputting stock and order information across multiple channels. That translates into needless costs, lost opportunities, and higher delivery costs for the seller. ABC E-commerce is a logistics software that eases the entire supply chain. It allows 3PLs to integrate with online sellers — from inventory control to order fulfillment

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Challenges Faced by 3PLs that our Solution Adresses

 High costs of order handling and shipping

Slow fulfillment of orders

Inaccurate inventory tracking and management

No centralization of data and control

Privacy concers

Lack of flexibility to accommodate changing demands in the market as well as company growth

Scale your online business in Real-Time

Our Platform offers you more than one way to scale your business. You will have the power to cross-list across all major online platforms. Giving your inventory visibility to more prospective buyers, and giving you additional sales. This also gives you a stronger brand image and brand presence when your inventory is listed across multiple platforms. 

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Unique value benefits

Differentiating factors compared to availible solution

Multichannel inventory & order management

Design to cater to 3PL providers specifically

Simple userfriendly and intuitive interface that can be earned within minutes

Strong focus on customer privacy and data protection

Efficient and cost effective


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